Monday, January 14, 2013

Most Terrifying Creature:Human

Terror is a disease. It is unlike all the other diseases we encounter. It is the only indubitably contagious disease that exists in the world... no, the universe. Every creature brings this about. 

Cockroaches are creepy, especially the flying ones. They're annoying, too, together with the Rats, which dirty everything in their path! 

Spiders and Snakes are also fearsome. They're two of the best predators who prefer killing their prey slowly but surely. 

Sharks are some of the creatures in the ocean deep which only few are brave to face. In contrary to the Arthropod and the Reptile, these Cartilaginous fishes can welcome you to death in a matter of seconds through ruthlessly using its sharp teeth to tear you into shreds. 

Honey Badgers, says one person, represent Chuck Norris in the Animal kingdom. Moreover, they're extremely intimidating... and sometimes, perverted--they usually attack the private organs of other species. 

Some species of Frogs and Centipedes have gorgeous designs printed on them, but never be deceived by looks. They might kill you with their massive amounts of poison. 

Chickens are also scary (though they are scared themselves, if you know what I mean). Don't get me wrong; if trained properly, they can stab your skull just by using their beak! 

Don't forget Dogs. Sure, they're man's best friend, but if they don't like you, they can be your murderer. 

Animals yet to be discovered can frighten individuals, either. Looking at those weird parts you haven't seen in any Science textbook so far, can freak you out. 

Lastly, there's this single species which can bring about insurmountable anxiety to us all. They're known--widely known--to be the concerned yet ignorant, the catalytic yet obstructive, the benevolent yet malevolent, the angelic yet demonic, the tall yet short, the beautiful yet ugly, the light yet heavy, the privileged yet deprived, the oppressed and the prioritized, the adored yet feared, the loved yet hated, the honest yet pretentious, the successful yet fruitless. Whatever you describe them won't cover up for the sad reality they've done: 

They impose. They lie. They delude. They betray. They abuse. They impede. They manipulate. They criticize. They hate. They intimidate. They destroy. They neglect. They leave. They kill: Monerans, Protists, Fungi, Plants, and Animals, including their own kind. 

Humans--the thinking men, they can do what other animals cannot. They do, and can do, everything that can bring about fear. They are terrifying. Take note, they are who we are. 


We are supposed to fear each other, because we are the most formidable of all. 

Nevertheless, we shouldn't. 

All of us know that. The only thing left to do is to acknowledge it. In what way, though? The answer: 


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